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Insurance vision offers a wide range of insurance products. Choose your category below to get in touch with us about your particular needs.

Home insurance policies provide you with market-leading coverage with superior customer service. Home insurance combines your building and contents insurance under one policy to make your protection as efficient and straightforward as possible.

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We’ve put together three different car policies with three different levels of cover so that you can have the freedom to choose exactly what you need:

  • comprehensive insurance provides the broadest protection — covering loss and damage to your own vehicle as well as damage you cause to another person’s vehicle;
  • third-party fire and theft insurance provides cover if you have a lower value vehicle but still want protection against fire and theft. This policy also provides cover for any damage you cause to other vehicles; and
  • third-party property damage insurance is our basic cover, and will protect against the damage you may cause to another person’s vehicle.

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Business insurance provides comprehensive all-in-one protection for your business and lets you tailor the cover to suit your business. This customisable business insurance provides a range of different insurance types all under one policy, making it easy to insure your whole business with one policy.

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Our trades insurance package is designed for tradesmen to provide protection and peace of mind against a range of risks. Our insurance delivers financial protection against insured events including property damage, theft, broadform liability, and general property. Our package can be extended to include your tools of trade and personal income protection against accident and illness.

We will provide you with competitive premiums and comprehensive cover.

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Insurance Vision will cover all types of marine insurance, including hull and cargo. Simply provide us with the specific details and we will organise the most cost effective insurance that provides not only the cheapest price but also the most comprehensive cover.

Our organisation has experience in both local and international marine insurance and reinsurance, enabling us to source the best marine coverage.

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Professional indemnity policy provides you and your business with comprehensive protection against claims for financial loss, bodily/personal injury or property damage arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of professional services covered by the policy.

If an error or omission occurs in the course of your work and that error or omission causes a financial loss or injury to your client or any other third party, they can claim damages against you, which could pose a potentially significant disruption to your business.

Professional indemnity insurance protects you from bearing the full cost of these claims and disputes and from the time and resources they consume.

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We have a flexible insurance product designed for businesses with commercial motor items to insure. It combines four insurance products, including:

  • commercial motor;
  • liability;
  • marine cargo; and
  • business interruption, which delivers an income protection.

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We have the expertise to tailor speciality insurance packages for all customers, from hobby farmers and graziers to small and large regional businesses. This customisable farm insurance provides a range of different insurance types all under one policy, making it easy to insure your farm operation with one policy.

It is necessary for us to understand not only the type of equipment that is being insured but also the type of farming business being operated. With this information we will be able to source the right type of coverage at a competitive rate.

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As a business owner you are accountable to third parties that come into contact with your business (customers, employees, suppliers etcetera). If damage or an accident occurs while you’re providing a service, a third party can sue your business, which can result in costly legal fees as well as the obligation to pay for the damage or injury you may have caused.

These costs are often devastating for businesses, which is why public liability insurance exists — to help protect you in the event of an incident.

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Your annual insurance bill can be a major business expense, particularly if you have to pay it in one lump sum. Should you wish to take advantage of a convenient flexible instalment plan, we can arrange for premium funding to make it easier for you to pay monthly.

Premium finance is a cost effective way to spread your insurance premium expense utilising a pay by the month mechanism. This frees up your cash flow to re-invest in your business. Utilising the insurance policy itself as security, premium finance does not require traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ to secure the funding.

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Insurance Vision also offers a number of other comprehensive policies, including public and products liability, product recall expenses, investment properties, construction, tools of trade, domestic and commercial strata, boats and caravans, builders’ warranty, owner builders, work cover, factories, warehouses, corporate travel, common area liability, income protection, industrial special risk cover, and trade credit.

To get in touch with us in regards to our products, or to make a general enquiry, fill in a contact form.

One of the additional services Insurance Vision provides is the ability to source and secure unique insurance policies. With our diverse local and international experience, we have the capabilities to source insurance policies for almost any risk and client.

If we can understand your insurance needs, we can organise the right policy.

Clients should be aware that this type of process is involved, and requires detailed discussions and complete and accurate information. However, if a comprehensive brief is supplied we can assure you that the policy and premiums will be more than competitive.

Just complete the basic contact form and a member of our staff will contact you to organise a time to analyse particular situation.