How to make a claim

All losses or incidents which may result in a claim must be reported as soon as possible to Insurance Vision or the insurer.

The first notification should be by telephone, fax, or email and should include:

  • Description of the incident;
  • Date and time of the incident;
  • Location of the incident;
  • Estimate of loss; and
  • Action being taken to minimise further loss.

Motor vehicle damage

All accidents involving your motor vehicle should be reported immediately to either our office or the nearest office of your insurer. The vehicle may be towed to the closest repairer capable of fixing the damage.

A claim may be processed more quickly if a completed claim form can be left with the repairer before the assessor arrives. If there is any delay in obtaining a repair authorisation of necessary service, please contact Insurance Vision.

You normally pay your policy excess to the repairer upon pick-up of your vehicle. If the damage is due to negligence of an identifiable third party, your insurer will normally either try to recover your excess or have it waived.

When a third party is involved, under no circumstances should any admission of liability be made.

Loss minimisation

Action should be immediately taken to protect property from further damage, but no action should be taken to repair damage until instructed to do so by your insurer or an assessor.

Own property damage

All losses should be reported immediately to Insurance Vision, which will arrange for assessors provide advice and take any action that may be action required.

Theft of money

If the loss is due to theft or burglary, or involves the loss of money, the police should be contact immediately and details recorded of the officer and station notified. All losses should also be reported to Insurance Vision as soon as possible.


In general terms, no admission of liability should be made to any party in any form whatsoever. Insurance Vision should be notified as soon as possible of any incident that may result in a claim — all correspondence, writs, and demands should be sent to our office immediately upon receipt.